Doing business in Norway

MGI Accounting offers a range of services related to value-added tax representation and branch registration in Norway. The processes associated with VAT registration and tax obligations in Norway can be complex, and we can assist you in navigating through them.

Value-Added Tax Representation

We assist businesses established outside of Norway with value-added tax representation. This involves acting as the local contact and representative for the company with Norwegian tax authorities. We take responsibility for handling VAT registration, reporting, and submission of VAT returns on behalf of the company. Our team ensures that all requirements and deadlines are met and that the company complies with Norwegian VAT regulations.

Branch Registration in Norway

If your business wishes to establish a branch or a permanent establishment in Norway, we handle the entire registration process. We guide the company through the necessary steps to achieve proper registration and ensure that all required documents and applications are submitted to the appropriate authorities. We take responsibility for communication with relevant tax authorities and ensure that the company meets all requirements and rules for registration.

VAT Registration in Norway

Our experience in VAT registration enables businesses to meet the necessary requirements for operating in Norway. We assist businesses in registering for value-added tax in accordance with current regulations. Our team ensures that the registration process is handled efficiently and correctly, and we provide advice on how the company can optimize VAT management.

Application for D-Numbers for Foreign Citizens

The D-number is an identification number required for foreign citizens working or establishing themselves in Norway. We assist businesses in applying for D-numbers for their employees and ensure that all necessary documents and applications are completed and submitted correctly to the relevant authorities. We also manage communication with tax authorities to ensure a smooth process.

Communication and Registration with the Tax Office for Foreign Affairs (SfU)

Our team handles all communication and registration with the Tax Office for Foreign Affairs on behalf of businesses. We ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted and assist in addressing any questions or challenges that arise during the process.

Payroll Reporting for Foreign Workers in Norway

We take care of payroll reporting for foreign workers employed in Norway. This includes reporting of wages, tax withholding, and social contributions in accordance with Norwegian rules and regulations. Our experienced team ensures accurate and timely reporting to meet all requirements from Norwegian authorities.

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